Suitable for many compilers

Licence Protector is a DLL / COM exe and can be used with nearly
every compiler: C++, C#, .NET, Delphi, VB6 and VB.NET, Java for
32bit and 64bit


Extensive license management
and copy protection

Various types of license management, copy protection, license
suspension, including for test versions, are supported.


Wide range of delivery options

The protected files can be delivered by CD / DVD, download link
or USB stick.

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Software copy protection and license management using Licence Protector

Generate Demo- and time limited versions, provides a comprehensive Software copy protection and license management

What is Licence Protector able to do?

Creation of demo versions, license modules, single-user and network licenses, copy protection, Web-based license management, activation dialogs in more than 20 languages

Network Licenses, Terminal Server and Citrix

Create network licenses per PC/seat, per user or per concurrent user (floating license). Terminal and Citrix Server are recognized automatically.

Can Licence Protector be combined with an Online Shop?

Licence Protector is pre-configured for major e-commerce suppliers and can be integrated into other shop systems via interfaces.

Is an Activation Server needed?

Licenses may be activated by email, fax or telephone. The most convenient product activation, however, is the online activation. The activation server enables to carry out periodic license reviews, to transfer licenses or also to revoke / suspend a license.

Are virtual machines recognized?

Virtual machines (VM) are recognized and Licence Protector can be customized to activate licenses for VM.

Does Licence Protector run under MAC OS X?

Licence Protector is available for Windows and MAC OS X.

Licence Protector - Overview

Protect your application fast, easy, reliable and cost effecitve:

  • Generate Demo- and time limited versions
  • Comprehensive Software Copy Protection (13 different hardware IDs)
  • Product activation - Online, E-Mail (automated), Fax, Phone
  • Download or CD / DVD versions
  • USB flash drive copy protection
  • Integration for e-commerce providers and shopping carts
  • Terminal Server and Citrix licensing
  • Ready for Windows 10, macOS
  • Works with 32bit and 64bit compiler

Customer Testimonials

« We are completely satisfied with All-in-One Protector - it has solved many issues with the protection of our company`s intellectual property and has given us some interesting opportunities. »

Denis Gavrilenko : Quality Director
Amikon Aviation Training

« The initial demonstration of the product impressed and a detailed webinar was done. Support on the product has been excellent. Pricing is very affordable for smaller businesses. »

Reuben Brussow
Prizm Accounting Software

« Whenever it comes to "CTI", the solution build by Mirage is what we recommend to our customers. It is very feature rich, they have a very responsive support and all this at low cost. »

Hannes Ellerbrock
Practice Lead, ilum:e informatik AG

Video Activitation Server 5

The Activation Server 5 is the central point for administration of licenses, create keys, lock licenses, change activitations or generate reports.

Video Activitation Server 4